Austin Found

Character: Leanne Wilson

Directed by: Will Raee

Written by: Brenna Graziano

Produced by: Mary Pat Bentel, Danny Costanzo, Gary Ousdahl, Robert Ruggeri

Cast Members: Skeet Ulrich, Craig Robinson

Released date: July 7, 2017

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Hungry for fame and fortune, a woman conspires with a former boyfriend and an ex-con to kidnap her 11-year-old daughter for publicity.


→ Some mothers will do whatever it takes.

Character’s Quotes

• Honey, the truth is relative. The plain and simple truth is rarely plain and it’s never simple.
• Sometimes you have to sacrifice. Sometimes you have to lick things.
• It’s a one-story house, why do you have a ladder?
• You were the best one up there. You had it won, but you took your eye off the prize. You gotta keep your eye on the prize, baby!
• The only way to make it in this business, honey, is to be a triple threat. Look at Miley.
• That kind of pictures do you think we should put out of Patty? Like a pageanty one, or could I put out several? We paid lots of money for the best photographers, we have great pictures of her.

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