Dead to Me (Season One)

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1.01 – Pilot
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Amy York Rubin | Written by: Liz Feldman

Jen is mourning the death of her husband Ted who was killed by a hit-and-run driver. She joins a grief support group. There, she meets Judy, who is mourning the death of her fiancé Steve. They become close friends. One of the ways that Jen processes her grief is to investigate any car she sees that looks like it may have been involved in a hit-and-run. Jen discovers that Judy has been lying and that Steve is alive and well. Judy apologizes and explains that her grief is actually for her miscarriages, which she blames for the failure of her relationship with Steve. Ultimately, it is revealed that Judy owns a car with damage consistent with a hit-and-run.
1.02 – Maybe I’m Crazy
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Liza Johnson | Written by: Liz Feldman

Jen is working with Steve to sell his house. Judy is stalking Steve. Steve learns that Judy has moved into Jen’s guest house, and warns Jen that chaos tends to follow Judy. He files a restraining order against Judy. Judy has flashbacks of hitting someone with her car. Steve was a passenger in the car. Jen vandalizes a car that had been speeding through her neighborhood.
1.03 – It’s All My Fault
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Abe Sylvia | Written by: Anthony King

Jen deals with Ted’s upcoming birthday memorial. She clashes with Ted’s narcissistic mother Lorna. Judy reveals to Steve that Jen is the wife of the person they killed with the car. Steve pressures Judy to keep quiet about what happened. Judy’s feeling of guilt increases. A flashback reveals that Judy was at Ted’s funeral, watching from afar. Police come to question Jen about the vandalized car. Judy confesses to doing it to protect Jen and punish herself. Steve bails Judy out of jail and reminds her not to confess to killing Ted. They reconcile. Jen logs onto Ted’s laptop and starts receiving messages from “bambi88” with whom Ted had apparently been having an affair.
1.04 – I Can’t Go Back
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Abe Sylvia | Written by: Kate Robin

Steve tries to convince Judy to move back in with him and to get over having killed Ted. Judy tracks down “bambi88”, who turns out to be a waitress whose name is actually Bambi. Jen and Judy arrange to meet her where she works. Judy confronts Bambi with the news that Ted is dead and learns that Ted had told Bambi that his wife was dead. In her anger, Jen says she’s glad Ted is dead. A flashback shows that Judy wanted to go back and help Ted after the accident, but Steve stopped her.
1.05 – I’ve Gotta Get Away
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Minkie Spiro | Written by: Abe Sylvia

Jen and Judy attend a “grief retreat” in Palm Springs, but mostly treat it as a vacation. Jen drinks and flirts heavily with Jason, a recent widower. They go to bed, but he is still not over his wife and it goes badly. Meanwhile, Judy meets Nick, a police detective. She introduces him to Jen, who asks if he has ever solved a hit-and run. He answers “yes”.
1.06 – Oh My God
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Minkie Spiro | Written by: Njeri Brown

Nick meets Jen and Judy at the location where Ted was killed, and offers to talk to the local police detective, Ana Perez, about the case. Judy learns that Ted’s body was found by a 9-year-old girl. Jen’s son Charlie has been dealing drugs which he had stolen from Ted’s medicine cabinet. He is subsequently found to be carrying a gun he stole from Lorna. Henry is also acting up in school. Shandy, the girl who found Ted’s body, gives Jen a piece of the car she had found at the scene. Judy returns to the storage locker where the car is stored, intending to hide the car, only to find that it is missing.
1.07 – I Can Handle It
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Kat Coiro | Written by: Emma Rathbone

Jen brings the car part to Perez. Judy goes to Steve demanding to know what happened to the car. He shows her the car in the process of being dismantled and explains his plan to dispose of the parts. The police identify the found part as belonging to a 1966 Mustang.
1.08 – Try to Stop Me
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Kat Coiro | Written by: Kelly Hutchinson

Jen, Judy, and Nick begin visiting the homes of registered owners of 1966 Mustangs, causing Judy to panic. Suspecting she may be pregnant, Judy goes to Steve and discovers that he is in a new relationship. She leaves without telling him that the police have identified the car. Later, Judy’s doctor confirms that she is not pregnant and may be experiencing an early menopause. Nick discovers that Steve and Judy’s art gallery is on the list of Mustang owners.
1.09 – I Have to Be Honest
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Geeta Patel | Written by: Rebecca Addelman

Nick visits the art gallery and encounters Steve. He asks Steve about the car, but Steve denies knowing anything about it. Money problems force Jen to ask Lorna for a job. Perez rebuffs Nick’s theories. Judy goes to Perez and turns Steve in for money laundering. It is revealed that Jen and Ted had a fight the night of his death and she blames herself for his death. Judy confesses to killing Ted and Jen tells her to die. While collecting evidence from Steve’s storage locker, Perez notices a motor oil spill. Meanwhile, Jen takes Ted’s gun from his safe.
1.10 – You Have to Go
aired on May 3, 2019
Directed by: Geeta Patel | Written by: Liz Feldman, Abe Sylvia

Jen cleans out the guest house, disposing of Judy’s possessions. Jen installs a security system at the house and begins carrying Ted’s gun that she took from the safe in the guest house. Jen brings Judy’s confession to Perez, who will not proceed as it would interfere with their investigation of Steve. Jen encounters Judy, who offers to turn herself in to make amends. Jen threatens to kill her if she ever sees Judy again. Judy empties her joint bank account with Steve and gives all of that money to Jen by hiding a cashier’s check in a gift for Henry. Steve comes to Jen’s house looking for Judy. He admits that he was in the car when Ted was killed. They argue and Jen draws the gun, ordering him to leave. Judy returns to the place where Ted was killed and unsuccessfully attempts to commit suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming car. She receives a call from Jen telling her she needs to come over right away. Both women stand over Steve’s dead body as it floats in the pool.