Dead to Me (Season Two)

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2.01 – You Know What You Did
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Liza Johnson | Written by: Liz Feldman

Jen and Judy briefly reunite after Jen learns that her neighbor Karen’s security camera caught footage of Steve arriving at her house. Jen is still mad for Judy’s lies and kicks her out, leaving her homeless. They eventually reconcile, but Jen lies to Judy about killing Steve in self-defense, whereas she actually bludgeoned him to death in a fit of rage as he was leaving.
2.02 – Where Have You Been
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Liza Johnson | Written by: Elizabeth Benjamin

Steve’s twin Ben shows up wondering about his brother’s whereabouts. Judy lies to Ben, saying that Steven ran off to Mexico after his business went under for money laundering. Detective Perez warns Jen about Judy, calling the woman a “rip tide” after giving Jen the restraining order she filed for Judy.
2.03 – You Can’t Live Like This
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Tamra Davis | Written by: Cara DiPaolo

Memories hit Jen about her night with Steve, as his body is placed in a freezer in her garage. Jen and Judy argue over what to do with his corpse when rats are spotted. Judy wants to dispose of the body in a respectful way. Jen considers dissolving it with industrial-strength drain cleaner but changes her mind after testing it on one of the rats. The two ultimately decide to bury his body in the Angeles National Forest in the middle of the night.
2.04 – Between You and Me
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Tamra Davis | Written by: Jessi Klein

After disposing of Steve’s body, Jen and Judy book into a fancy hotel on the weekend of a wedding. There, the two spot Karen’s husband, Jeff, having an affair with another man. Upon returning home, Jen and Judy learn that the bird Henry believed to be his reincarnated father is dead.
2.05 – The Price You Pay
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Liz Allen Rosenbaum | Written by: Kelly Hutchinson

Impatient about a new vehicle, Charlie digs through his mother’s storage unit and stumbles upon Steve’s old car. Believing it to be a birthday present, Charlie takes the car on a joyride with his girlfriend Parker. Judy bonds with a new client’s daughter, Michelle. Jen seeks relief from Ben, who helps her with her back pain. During the session, Jen has flashbacks of the night she murdered Steve. After berating Charlie about stealing Steve’s car, Jen sets it on fire.
2.06 – You Don’t Have To
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Liz Allen Rosenbaum | Written by: Celeste Hughey

Jen bribes Parker to take down the pictures she posted online of the joyride she had with Charlie, in order to conceal Steve’s car. Judy develops serious feelings for Michelle, even spending the night with her. Jen and Ben hit it off as well. Henry experiences stage fright before his first solo with his Christian choral group. Jen suggests that Henry ditch the concert, instead taking him to an arcade with Charlie, Judy, Ben, and Michelle. Nick and other police officers find Steve’s burned-out car. During Judy and Michelle’s night together, it is revealed that Detective Perez is Michelle’s ex-girlfriend and roommate.
2.07 – If Only You Knew
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger | Written by: Dan Dietz

Jen and Judy organize a vigil for Steve to keep suspicion off of them. Jen convinces Judy to break up with Michelle, due to her proximity to Detective Perez. At the vigil, Judy finds Steve’s fiancée Heidi four months pregnant with his child, leaving her an emotional mess. Ben offers a substantial reward for news on the disappearance of Steve. Later, Jen and Ben share a kiss. Charlie, who stops by to show his support, recognizes Steve’s car as a slideshow of photographs from Steve’s life plays.
2.08 – It Had to Be You
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger | Written by: Emma Rathbone

While working with Ben and his mother to sell their mansion, Jen and Ben talk about what their kiss meant. Charlie finds contents of Steve’s car in the garage, including a small case with a flash drive and burner phone inside. Charlie tries a number on the phone and Chief Hastings answers. Judy visits Michelle’s mother in the hospital, and has an uncomfortable conversation with Detective Perez. Judy, afraid of losing her mom, makes a call about her whereabouts. Michelle seemingly breaks up with Judy. Ben later visits Jen and confesses he feels a connection with her. They embrace and kiss in the doorway, then head inside.
2.09 – It’s Not You, It’s Me
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Silver Tree | Written by: Liz Feldman, Kelly Hutchinson

Having slept with Ben, Jen tells him it was a mistake and asks him to leave. Charlie accuses Jen of burning Steve’s car, remembering she had a gas can, and Jen tells him to forget about it because Steve was involved with dangerous people. Judy visits her manipulative, addict mother in prison, who seeks her help in getting out. Jen then learns from Judy that Nick saw the Instagram photos of Parker and Charlie posing by Steve’s car, also stating that there is traffic cam video of the two driving it the day it was burned. Jen and Judy argue, with Jen finally admitting that she struck and killed Steve because he insulted her and surmised that Ted purposely threw himself in front of his car. Jen insults Judy saying she will love anyone who gives her attention. They emotionally reconcile. The next morning, Jen leaves envelopes for Judy, Charlie and Henry, then visits Detective Perez at her home.
2.10 – Where Do We Go from Here
aired on May 8, 2020
Directed by: Silver Tree | Written by: Liz Feldman, Cara DiPaolo

Judy is asked by Jen to be the boys’ legal guardian. Jen confesses to Detective Perez that she killed Steve, and the two drive to the makeshift burial site but cannot find the spot where the body is located. Perez gets a text from Nick stating “We got him” (Chief Hastings), and after both bond about their mothers passing when they were still young, Perez decides that she and Jen forget about Jen’s confession. Judy finally gets her paintings back from Detective Perez. After Perez leaves, Judy smashes the paintings to uncover many stacks of $100 bills that are hidden in the backings. Ben receives a phone call, and learns that a hiker and her dog found Steve’s body. Judy declines her mother’s wish to help her get out of jail. Jen visits the grief support group and realizes she never grieved for her own mother’s death. Judy and Jen visit Lorna to buy out Jen’s mortgage from her, then drive home in a modest new car that Jen wants to give to Charlie. The car is then struck by another vehicle revealed to be driven by Ben. After he looks down at a half-empty bottle of liquor, Ben speeds away. Judy and Jen wake up, both injured and in shock.