Character: Ursula (voice)

Directed by: Robert Blackadder

Written by: Robert Blackadder, Justin Lambros

Produced by: Rachel Bryant

Cast Members: Michael Rosenbaum, Kris Tabori, André Sogliuzzo, Jason Marsden, Kim Mai Guest

Released date: August 2003

Genre: Action, Adventure

Ursula and her twin brother Urlan were born to the king of Nordagh, a cold barbaric land. Accompanying their birth is a dark and mysterious prophecy tying Ursula's fate to that of the slumbering Dark God. The twins were raised to be barbaric warriors and as young adults they lead a school of gladiators with the guidance of their imperial mentor Usus (AKA Useless). The twins travel and compete in the gladiatorial games, accumulating powerful allies like undead wizards, witty archers, and Mikey's infamous bear Buri. Together they fight towards both the imperial championship in Caltha, and the terrifying truth that the Dark God has finally awoken.

Script developed by Never Enough Design