Mad Men (Episodes Guide)

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6.02 – The Doorway
aired on April 7, 2013
Directed by: Scott Hornbacher | Written by: Matthew Weiner

Don strikes up a friendship with the surgeon in his building, Peggy tries to save her campaign, Roger makes a scene at his mother’s funeral, and Betty goes to Manhattan to find Sally’s friend.
6.03 – Collaborators
aired on April 14, 2013
Directed by: Jon Hamm | Written by: Jonathan Igla, Matthew Weiner

While Don continues his affair with Sylvia, Pete’s latest infidelity threatens his marriage. Meanwhile, Peggy’s icy relationship with her new staff continues, but she also gets an unlikely tip on a potential new client.
6.04 – To Have and to Hold
aired on April 21, 2013
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Erin Levy

Don works in secret on a Heinz ketchup campaign while Megan gets a love scene on the set of her soap opera. Meanwhile, Harry makes his power play while Joan has more trouble with the secretaries.
6.05 – The Flood
aired on April 28, 2013
Directed by: Christopher Manley | Written by: Tom Smuts, Matthew Weiner

Set among the events surrounding Martin Luther King’s assassination, Peggy tries to get a new apartment, Ginsberg is set up on a date, and Don has a revelation during his weekend with the kids.
6.07 – Man with a Plan
aired on May 12, 2013
Directed by: John Slattery | Written by: Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner

Things quickly become awkward after the two firms merge, Don asserts his dominance over Sylvia, Pete has to deal with his ailing mother, and Bob Benson helps out a sick Joan.
6.08 – The Crash
aired on May 19, 2013
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Jason Grote, Matthew Weiner

The creative department has a wild, drug-influenced weekend as they work on the Chevy account, Don has trouble letting go of Sylvia, and Sally walks in on an unwelcome intruder.
6.11 – Favors
aired on June 9, 2013
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger | Written by: Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner

Don is preoccupied with keeping Sylvia’s son from being drafted, Peggy has a rat in her apartment, Don and Ted bury the hatchet, Pete has a problem with his mother’s new nurse, and Sally makes an accidental discovery about her father.
7.09 – New Business
aired on April 12, 2015
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl | Written by: Tom Smuts, Matthew Weiner

While Megan comes to New York with her mother and sister to collect her belongings, Don has a romance with the waitress. Meanwhile, Peggy and Stan work with a famous photographer on a commercial shoot.