• Dated: September 18, 2015   |   Duration: 08:57
    Jane Fonda and Linda Cardellini talk family, female friendship and their Netflix original shows Grace and Frankie and Bloodline in their Netflix: The Originals chat.
  • Dated: March 26, 2015   |   Duration: 16:09
    Linda Cardellini joins guest host Piya Chattopadhyay to talk about her new show "Bloodline" and the unique challenges of the peace-making sibling, and real-life experiences as the youngest child in a large, inclusive family.
  • Dated: June 16, 2016   |   Duration: 46:00
    Q&A with Linda Cardellini of BLOODLINE. Moderated by Stacey Wilson Hunt, Hollywood Editor, New York Magazine.
  • Dated: May 5, 2015   |   Duration: 20:40
    Emmy-nominated actress Linda Cardellini talks to Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery about her role in Netflix's tense family drama "Bloodline."
  • Dated: March 25, 2015   |   Duration: 08:27
    Interview with 'Bloodline' star Linda Cardellini discussing how she approached her character, filming in the Keys, her own sibling relationships and much more.
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