• Dated: May 14, 2020   |   Duration: 04:33
    Dead to Me star Linda Cardellini tests her knowledge about herself by answering fan-submitted trivia questions, with every correct answer resulting in a donation to Feeding America.
  • Dated: May 7, 2019   |   Duration: 02:09
    Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini from the Netflix series Dead to Me try to guess the sound from 90s in a nostalgia quiz!
  • Dated: June 8, 2020   |   Duration: 01:21
    We’ve got an episode of Collider Connected with Linda Cardellini coming your way on Friday, June 12th in celebration of Season 2 of her hit Netflix series Dead to Me! Cardellini was game to talk Dead to Me spoilers for a bit and also shared why she decided to sign on for Capone with Josh Trank, but as with all Collider Connected interviews, we like to take the opportunity to pave the way from the very beginning to the filmmaker’s latest work. And for Cardellini, that journey includes her run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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